Optional Coverages

Not Included in the Standard Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Your standard homeowners insurance policy does not cover all risks. You may need to obtain additional insurance to cover loss or damage to your home, property, and the contents of your home or to cover the risks related to business or personal activities on your property.

In addition to the coverages that are part of the standard Homeowners Insurance Policy, we offer the following additional coverages that you may choose to purchase:

  1. Water Backup And Sump Discharge Or Overflow provides coverage for water damage losses that result from water backing up through sewers or
  2. Home Day Care Coverage Endorsement provides for registered family day care providers to purchase liability coverage in the amount of at least $300,000 for protection against claims of bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury arising out of your activities as a day care
  3. Actual Cash Value Loss Settlement provides for reduced settlements at actual cash value instead of replacement cost loss settlement for Coverage A Dwelling
  4. Actual Cash Value Loss Settlement Windstorm Or Hail Losses To Roof Surfacing provides for reduced loss settlement at actual cash value for roof surfacing for damage caused by windstorm or hail instead of replacement cost loss
  5. Additional Insured lists a person or entity that has an interest in the “residence premises” and they are included in the definition of “insured” with respect to Coverage A Dwelling, Coverage B Other Structures, Coverage E Personal Liability and Coverage F Medical Payments to
  6. Additional Interest lists a person or entity that has an interest in the “residence premises”
  7. Additional Limits Of Liability For Coverage A, B, C and D provides additional limits of liability for Dwelling Coverage A, Other Structures Coverage B, Personal Property Coverage C and Loss of Use Coverage The limits are increased by the same percentage.
  8. Business Pursuits provides coverage for the liability of the insured arising out of certain business
  9. Business Records And Data Replacement Coverage provides coverage to research, replace or restore business records or data on the residence premises and/or away from the residence premises used primarily for business
  10. Coverage B – Other Structures Away From The Residence Premises provides coverage for other structures which are owned by an insured that are located away from the residence
  11. Coverage C – Special Limits Of Liability provides for increased special limits for certain categories of personal
  12. Coverage For Lead Liability is available for rental dwelling units which meet the criteria established by the Maryland Lead Poisoning Prevention Act. Liability coverage can be provided for expenses incurred in a qualified
  13. Credit Card, Electronic Fund Transfer Card Or Access Device, Forgery And Counterfeit Money Coverage provides for an increase in the limit of coverage available for a covered loss involving credit cards, electronic fund transfer cards, access devices, forgery and counterfeit
  14. Earthquake Coverage provides property coverage against a loss resulting from the peril of earthquake subject to certain exclusions and
  15. Home Systems Protectionextends coverage for home systems and personal property due to mechanical or electronic
  16. Functional Replacement Cost Loss Settlement provides coverage on a functional replacement cost basis instead of a replacement cost basis. Functional replacement cost means the amount which it would cost to repair or replace the damaged building with less costly common construction materials and methods which are functionally equivalent to obsolete, antique or custom construction materials and
  17. Home Business Insurance Coverage provides property and liability coverages for a permitted
  18. Home Settlement Benefit provides for the settlement up to the Property Coverage A — Dwelling limit, whether or not the repair or replacement is complete when the cost to repair or replace the damage is 70% or more of Property Coverage A – Dwelling
  19. Hurricane Deductible – Maryland provides a special hurricane deductible base on a percentage of the dwelling property limit which will apply to all losses caused by the peril of windstorm or hail during the period of a
  20. Home Cyber Protection Coverage provides coverage to pay the expenses, and/or provide services, you incur and/or need as a direct result of any one cyber attack, cyber extortion, online fraud, or identity fraud recovery discovered or learned of during the policy
  21. Incidental Farming Personal Liability provides liability coverage arising out of farming operations that are specified in the
  22.    Increased Limits For Business Property provides for an increase in the special limits applicable to those Coverage C Personal Property items on the residence premises used for business purposes.
  23. Inflation Guard provides for automatic annual increases in the Limits of Liability for property
  1. Inland Flood provides coverage for direct physical loss to the insured location caused by a general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of flood water to a normally dry
  2. Land Stabilization provides for the reasonable costs to replace, rebuild, stabilize or otherwise restore land necessary to support the insured dwelling or permanent other structure due to a covered
  3. Limited Fungi, Wet Or Dry Rot, Or Bacteria Coverage modifies property and liability coverages for certain losses related to the presence of fungi, wet or dry rot, or bacteria and includes property remediation coverage within the modified
  4. Limited Hidden Water Or Steam Seepage or Leakage Coverage provides coverage for hidden damage caused by repeated seepage or leakage or water or steam from within plumbing, heating, air conditioning, sprinkler system or household
  5. Loss Assessment Coverage For Earthquake provides loss assessment coverage resulting from loss caused by
  6. Loss Assessment Coverage provides for an increased amount of insurance for assessments relating to the residence Loss assessment coverage may also be provided for up to two additional locations that may be specified on the endorsement.
  7. Loss Forgiveness — This feature waives any premium increase resulting from the first otherwise chargeable loss occurring after the purchase of this
  8. Matching Of Undamaged Roof Surfacing Additional Coverage – If a portion of the roof sustains covered damage and a payment is due or has been issued, this endorsement provides additional coverage to pay the reasonable cost incurred to replace any part of that roof not included in the coverage
  9. Matching Of Undamaged Siding Surfacing Additional Coverage — If a portion of the siding sustains covered damage and a payment is due or has been issued, this endorsement provides additional coverage to pay the reasonable cost incurred to replace any part of that siding not included in the coverage
  10. Ordinance Or Law Increased Amount Of Coverage provides for an increase in the basic Ordinance Or Law Coverage amount by that provided in the
  11. Other Members Of Your Household provides coverage for named persons who are members of your household who are not normally provided coverage under the terms of the policy.
  12. Other Structures On The Residence Premises provides for the selection of increased limits for other structures on the residence premises
  13. Permitted Incidental Occupancies Residence Premises provides broadened coverage on a permitted incidental occupancy in the dwelling or in an other scheduled structure on the residence
  14. Personal Injury provides liability coverage for personal injury to others, such as false arrest, malicious prosecution, wrongful eviction and
  15. Personal Property Replacement Cost Loss Settlement provides for the replacement cost valuation of loss of or damage to Coverage C — Personal
  16. Premises Alarm Or Fire Protection System provides for a reduced premium because of the presence of burglar alarms, fire alarms or automatic sprinklers that are approved and properly installed and maintained in the
  17. Property Remediation For Escaped Liquid Fuel And Limited Escaped Liquid Fuel Liability Coverage provides modified limits of property coverage including coverage for the remediation for escaped liquid fuel from a fuel system for a residence premises, covered real property and covered personal property. This option also provides modified limited liability and medical payments coverage to others for bodily injury and property damage caused by escaped fuel or lead contamination at an insured
  18. Refrigerated Property Coverage provides coverage for contents of a freezer or refrigerator on the residence premises for loss caused by power service interruption or mechanical
  19. Replacement Cost Loss Settlement For Certain Non-Building Structures On The Residence Premises provides for repair or replacement cost loss settlement instead of actual cash value for certain non-building structures located on the residence
  20. Residence Held In Trust enables a Homeowners policy to be issued in the name of both the trust and
  1. Reward Coverage provides coverage for the expenses incurred during the policy period in the payment of any reward for information leading to the return of stolen property, or conviction of any person(s) who has stolen or damaged property covered by the
  2. Roof Surfacing Cosmetic Damage Exclusion Windstorm or Hail excludes coverage for cosmetic damage that alters the appearance of the °roof surfacing” under Coverage A or B caused by the peril of windstorm or
  3. Scheduled Personal Property provides property coverage against risks of direct physical loss with certainexceptions on household personal property that is scheduled on the endorsement.
  4. Service Line Coverage provides payment for loss or damage resulting from service line failure.
  5. Sinkhole Collapse provides property coverage for sinkhole
  6. Special Computer Coverage is used to insure computers and related equipment against additional risks of physical loss.
  7. Special Loss Settlement provides for the selection of a modified replacement cost amount for the dwelling that is less than 80% of replacement
  8. Special Personal Property Coverage provides coverage against all risks of physical loss to your personal property unless otherwise
  9. Specific Structures Away From The Residence provides property coverage to include scheduled structures located away from the residence premises if used in connection with the residence
  10. Specified Additional Amount of Insurance for Coverage A Dwelling provides an additional amount of insurance up to the amount described on the endorsement
  11. Structures Rented To Others provides property and liability coverages when a structure on the residence premises is rented to others for dwelling
  12. Windstorm Or Hail Percentage Deductible provides for the selection of a higher percentage windstorm or hail deductible of the Coverage A limit of